Tuesday, 27 December 2011


salam,,heyyyaaa :P
last week we went back to my hometown that is,..
NEGERI SEMBILAN !!! *smilesmile*
me and my sistah was bored,..soo we took some pictures :)

sistah :*grrr* me : *wootswoots*


 me wanna eat ya ! :P

this is what we end up with :D

we reached kampong at 5 pm something like that :)
kbye,salam :DD

being a tar-ian :)

salam :D life is okay for me for the time being.
no enemies,friends ++ :).eventually, i've became more closer to the
seniors at my maktab.its nearly the end of 2011.it felt like just yesterday
was the orientation week :P.
kay these are some pictures of mua and me maktab friends :DD

 okay this is me being random :D

 the best dorm leader: AISHAH MAZLI :D

 meet my amoi :D syasya :D

my dormie :) haifa 

thats all :P kbye

Friday, 29 July 2011

LOL..hye :)

well eventually my sisters were updating my blog.. :D okay..thanks guys :D
well..its been a long time i did'nt write in this blog :D
IGCSE exam was tough...but luckily..i did not get any
'Cs' ...don't mind about the header picture.. :D it was randomly
picked by my sisters...lol...
living in a boarding school sometimes sucks..but at sometimes..
it is the awesomest plaace ever!..this week we didn't touch our
books at all b'cause it was activity week.. :)..it was the tiring
week ever!..but the most awesomest,coolest and happiest week of all..
next week we will be celebrating ramadhan...erm..it is
the first ramadhan that i'll be celebrating without my family..
though i don't feel too sad because i will be celebrating it with my friends...i got
new news!  this comming 31st July,i will be accepting  some certificates..
it'll be soo exciting cause i'll be seeing  my friends! its been a long time since
i last see them.. :D..my eyes are heavy now..soo
aneong <3


Friday, 15 July 2011

wahaii orang kampong pisang!!!

salam :)
belog sudah di'upgrade'kan!!
fuuuhh, after several hours pikior...
akhirnye, THIS IS IT!!
comment me, ok!! :)

p/s: haluuu nii bkn yaya.we're her sisto :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

X nak balik maktab!!!!! Waaaaa

Alaaa..two days je lagi untk tinggal Kat rumah!!!! X best la cam nie,, nk dudok Kat rumah. Malas la nk dudok Kat maktab ...beat pen at org je dudok Kat situ...dah la rutin same!!! Boring betol laaa...x ski la cg math tu...x paham satu pon yg dye ckp... Nk cg za yg ajar..baru best..eng pulak cg dye mcm ajar sambil lewa je.... Nk tice Ijun yg ajar...sAins pulak ...cg tu best...tp, x syok sebab nk tice Khadijah yg ajar!!!! Alaa senang Kate nk cg yg ajar aq Mase darjah 6 dlu Sumer ajar aq skrg....heish....haha tu je laa...dah ages idea da nk tulis ape...p/s..klu mood aq Baek je aq akn puji maktab tu.. ;)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

suka duka berade d asrama =D

first and fifth day,saye menangis stiap kali
teringatkan kuage especially mama..n ayh
setiap kali tepon je..mesty kuar air mata~
sixth day,my family visits me ~ my mother kate,
kuatkan semangat ...jgn pikir balek rumah jezz..
soo,saya berdoa kpd yg MAHA ESA..
n my prayer dimakbulkan dlm sekelip mata,,...
my homesickness is now no more~
at skol, me, as an IGCSE student,hav
to learn form 4 and form 5 sylibels...
such as..chem,bio and physics...
i hav to take 2 important tests when i am form 3
and when i am form 5..
that is..pmr.igcse
spm,igcse..soo we hav to study international way..
n the national way..we also hav to different type of textbooks..
: IGCSE textbook
: NATIONAL textbook..
the igcse textbook is more advance and difficult.. :(
no worries~ i will do my best in all my exams
insyaallah~ i think thats all la..
there are a lot more..but i am to lazy to write :D
byep3 tata titi tutu..

yaya fauzan

Sunday, 9 January 2011

new skool,new friends,new teachers..urm, new everything!

esk aq da nk pegi skolah bru..dok asrama lak tuu
huhu ngeh3...sedeyh sebab jauh ngan family..
heppy sebab dpt blaja kat tempat bru..
packing? urm da ciap..tinggal sket3 je lagie...
urm ape lagi ekk?
aaa!! td gi jln2 ngan nurin n farah..mcm org gilee..
biasela kteorg kann,, <3
ngeh3 excited babe nk gi..
huhuhu...tp yg sedeyh nye...nurin bff aq yg sorang ni..x dpt mne2
ponn..huhuhu i am very sympathy 4 her~
erm rasenye ni je kott..k ar..
aq chow dlu ... PEACE!

yaya fauzan